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Site Development


Since the first project meeting back in 2008, the Cancer Wellness Centre has undergone a deep restoration process that is near completion. 

A completely renovated campus has been designed with the addition of more building space which will allow the CWC members to continue their services to families and carers dealing with cancer.

9Birds Eye

Cancer Wellness Centre campus overview.

The CWC campus welcomes Breast Cancer Care WA, Cancer Support WA, melanomaWA and Brady Foundation with these four organisations creating a unique cancer support campus with all kind of services to cancer patients and carers that empowers the healing of clients.

1Oblique aerial front

Cancer Wellness Centre campus front aerial view.

2View road front

Cancer Wellness Centre campus front view, ground level.

The National Trust WA was careful to renew the site with special detail recorded on keeping the heritage of the buildings on the campus. Builders and architects involved in the project were extremely respectful of the history and the importance of the area. Nevertheless, the new campus has been built with state of the art facilities to provide all the required services of the member organisations.

A new conference building, equipped with the best audio-visual technology, will allow the member organisations to continue to convey important support and information services to the public.  Wired and wireless connection of all buildings on the campus will also facilitate a cooperation among members and result in a wider variety of services on offer with a running cost saving for members.


Cancer Wellness Centre campus back yard, aerial view.



Cancer Wellness Centre campus back yard view, ground level.