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The Cancer Wellness Centre at Wanslea is an incorporated association of member organisations dedicated to providing support for cancer patients in Western Australia (WA). The world-class facility at the Wanslea House in Cottesloe has the potential to be the most recognised cancer wellness centre in Australia; offering a shared campus environment to its members.

The Vision

“To be a uniquely integrated cancer wellness centre providing excellence in cancer support, healing, learning, and cancer prevention to Western Australia.”

The Mission

The Cancer Wellness Centre facilitates collaboration amongst leading cancer support organisations in WA to enable the sharing of ideas, programs, and resources, and to assist Cancer Wellness Centre members with governance and management structures to ensure long-term sustainability.

Objectives and Outcomes

The Cancer Wellness Centre’s mission will be achieved through leveraging this collaboration in order to meet the following objectives and expected outcomes:

  • Facilitate shared learning and shared service opportunities among members;
    • to enhance the services provided to people with cancer, their families, carers, and communities.
  • Use the Cancer Wellness Centre to strengthen relationships and form new partnerships;
    • to strengthen member organisations’ public awareness and credibility and assist in extending the Cancer Wellness Centre model to regional areas of WA to reach more patients.
  • Use the collaborative mission and Cancer Wellness Centre brand to attract new funding sources;
    • to financially support the sustainability and growth of Cancer Wellness Centre member organisations and improve cancer support services available to West Australians with cancer.
  • Achieve better economies of scale and economies of scope;
    • to attain aggregate cost savings for the Cancer Wellness Centre member organisations.
  • Engage the Cottesloe community;
    • to provide a world class centre in town, and participate in heritage learning and interpretation.
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